Fall is Near

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Haha! No not Christmas but FALL! That’s right, the new season is just around the corner so pack up those sleeveless shirts, shorts and maxi dresses because FALL is NEAR and we are falling back into the 70’s with the latest trends.

This season resolves around earthy neutrals including burnt oranges, olive greens and browns.


Pantone top fall colors

I know some of you can wait to get your hands on some cozy knits, over-the-knee boots, and everything else that makes fall fashion fun.  Here are my top ten (10) fall must-haves from two of my favorite stores which are, Express and Windsor.

What are your top ten must-haves this fall from your favorite store(s)?


Hi-Lo tee1

Black One Eleven Long Sleeve Extreme Hi-Lo Tee


Shop this look: http://www.express.com/clothing/women/black-one-eleven-long-sleeve-extreme-hitolo-tee/pro/9691624/cat1920061

crochet blouse

Long Sleeve Crochet Inset Blouse

Shop this look: http://www.express.com/clothing/women/long-sleeve-crochet-inset-blouse/pro/8651793/cat430028

fringe blanket cover up front

Southwestern Fringe Blanket Cover Up

fringe blanket cover up back

Shop this look: http://www.express.com/clothing/women/southwestern-fringe-blanket-cover-up/pro/1030013/cat430028

fit and flare dress

Berry Bell Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress

Shop this look: http://www.express.com/clothing/women/berry-bell-sleeve-fit-and-flare/pro/9383827/cat1910048

Fringe Vest

Black Suede Fringe Vest

Shop this look: http://www.express.com/clothing/women/black-suede-fringe-vest/pro/8872600/cat1930002


Trench Coat

Pink Mocha Faux Trench Coat

Shop this look: http://www.windsorstore.com/product/Pink-Mocha-Faux-Trench-Coat?c=2467

Spark Black Top

Midnight Spark Black Dolman Top

Shop this look: http://www.windsorstore.com/product/SEQUIN-ELBOW-PATCH-DOLMAN-060017177?c=2036

burgundy wide leg pants

Burgundy Alba Wide Leg Pants

Shop this look: http://www.windsorstore.com/product/Burgundy-Alba-Wide-Leg-Pants–064020580?c=2042


thigh-high boots

Black On Top Thigh-High Boots

Shop here: http://www.windsorstore.com/product/OTK-POINTED-TOE-BEST-SELLER-BOOT-074020324?c=3013

High-Tme Bootie

Taupe High-Tme Bootie

Shop here: http://www.windsorstore.com/category/Shoes-Boots-Booties

Happy Fall Shopping Everyone!


Reinventing the Wheel: Black and White Stripe Dress

Stripes, namely the black-and-white ones, is a style that people are continually experimenting with. However, this form fitting black and white stripe dress is a great way you can recreate this look by dressing it up, down, or even pairing it with anything in several different ways.  So why go out and buy a black and white stripe top when you can work with what you have? By the way, I love the idea of wearing this stripe dress with a skirt.


Black and white stripe dress. Date night or night out with girlfriends attire.


Black and white stripe dress paired with a vest and dress pants. Dress is tucked in pants. Business casual attire


Black and white stripe dress paired with a blazer and a skirt. Perfect business attire to wear to work.


Black and white stripe dress paired with a blazer and hat. You can rock this look anywhere.

Reinventing the Wheel: Leopard Print Maxi Kimono

Are you searching for a lightweight layer to wear this spring and summer? Well, the boho-chic kimono is a trend that is perfect for adding just the right amount of elegance to your outfits and will be a piece you can wear season to season for any occasion. You can rock this trend with jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, dress pants, or even as a bathing suit coverup.

How would you wear this trend?








Spring is just a few days away and FINALLY, we are slowly beginning to move out of this cold wintry weather and easing our way into warmer temperatures. Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are ranging from 50 to 70 degree weather, it is just right for us to trade in those heavy coats, scarves and sweaters into sheer cardigans, sleeveless tops, breezy blouses, and dresses. I’m pretty sure we have all been waiting for this time of year.

Spring 2014 fashion trends will still be wearable but this year, set your mind back in the ’70s and think boho chic and floral prints.

Here are the spring colors, pattern, prints, and trendy items that will catch your eye this season.

Spring Colors

2015 Spring Colors

Pantone Top Spring Colors

Prints and Patterns

  • Animal Prints
  • Gingham Patterns
  • Pop Art Prints
  • Stripes
  • Geometric Shapes

Prints and Patterns

Spring Fashion Trends

  • Crop Tops
  • Trouser suits
  • Fringe Kimonos
  • Flare leg pants/jeans
  • Distressed jeans
  • Wide leg Culottes
  • Lace tops
  • Denim tops/Dresses/Jumpsuits
  • Bold print dresses/tops
  • Sheer Blouses
  • Fringe heels
  • Slip on sandals
  • Print and Pattern heels/flats

Spring Fashion Trends


Happy Spring Shopping Everyone!!!





Wrong vs. Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

tab with clothes

Colors, Colors, COLORS! How can you possibly be RIGHT with wearing the WRONG colors for your skin tone? The colors you choose to wear can have a positive or negative effect on your appearance?  Whether your color selection has a positive or negative effect on your appearance depends on whether your complexion has a warm or cold tone. Flatter your skin tone by wearing working complementary colors into your wardrobe.


Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has pale skin and cool undertone. This bright yellow dress did not give her a radiant look, instead, it made her appearance look washed-out.


Lupita Nyongo has dark brown skin and cool undertone. This bronze dress did not flatter her appearance, instead, it gave her a dull look.


Kim Kardashian has slightly yellow skin and warm undertone. This nude dress is perfect for her curvy figure but the color matches too closely with her skin hue.


Lena dunham

The greens, the blues, and the pinks add a great affect to pale skin. This look gives a positive, radiant, awake, and attractive look to your skin tone.


Lupita nyongo

The pinks, the purples, and the blues are very “eye catching” to dark or pale skin with cool under tones. These colors will bring out your undertone and show off your skin to the best effect.

Kim-Kardashian-red dress

If you are warm toned, the reds, the oranges, and the yellows brightens your appearance because it complements the golden, yellow, and the olive tones.

What are your thought?

  For more information on how to find colors that will look best on your skin tone click on https://tabstrendytwist.com/self-assessment/

Reinventing the Wheel: Purple Dress

First new post of the New Year! Happy New Year everyone! Although we are nineteen days into the month of January, lol. I truly hope that 2015 brings happiness to all of us and also accomplish many more goals.

In the meanwhile, here is a look at how you can switch up and style a simple purple dress from a dressy look to a casual look. Which look is your favorite?


Dressy Look





Business Look




Dressy Casual look




Casual Look




Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin Comes to Little Rock

My weekend in a nutshell was AMAZING! I had the opportunity to be an Assistant Stylist to aspiring Celebrity Stylist, J. Bolin for a fashion show this weekend in Little Rock. This was a birthday celebration for Dr. Jennifer Johnson who is the founder and president of “A Call to Excellence Revival Ministries” and first lady of Full Counsel Ministries in North Little Rock. Back in June, I participated in J. Bolin’s fashion stylist bootcamp in Dallas TX, which was a WONDERFUL experience for me (check out my fashion stylist bootcamp blog post) and this weekend, I was reunited with him again to assist him in styling models for the fashion show. This was an EPIC, yet another GREAT opportunity that I did not want to miss out on. The pictures will explain how my experience went.


Prepping for the fashion show


Styling Models


A few of the models rocking J. Bolin’s collection


The styling team with J. Bolin


Its that time of year again!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!? Autumn! Cooler temperatures, meaning trading in those maxi-dresses, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops into those scarves, sweaters, jackets, and boots. Fall is the perfect season for everyone. Why? Because there is something for everyone to fit into comfortably, whether its sweaters, cardigans, jackets, boots, leggings, and coats. I am excited to share some tips and trends on what to wear and what to look for, before easing into the fall craziness.


Start off by forming a natural color palette by opting for reds, oranges, yellows, browns, blues, and deep burgundy-violets.

fall color palette

“IN with the OLD” and “IN with the NEW” Fashion Trends

Bring out those scarves, knit sweaters, leggings, and boots you wore last year or previous years and add them with something new this season. Of course jackets, sweaters, boots, and scarves are a must have on everyone’s shopping list, but what’s new, what’s eye catchy, and what’s coming back to the racks and shelves this fall? Here are a few trendy items that caught my eye, what’s eye catchy to you?

Fall trends



Whether it’s leggings, pants, shoes, tops, dresses, skirts, scarves, or sweaters, add prints and patterns to your list of MUST HAVES. They are TRENDY and HOT! They are definitely at the top of my list. Have fun with this one! But most importantly find what fits your personality! BE YOU!

  • Plaid
  • Leopard prints
  • Polka dots
  • Stripes
  • Checker prints


  • Leather jackets
  • Blazer jackets
  • Sweater jackets
  • Capes
  • Wrap Coats


  • Sweater Cardigans
  • Poncho Sweaters
  • Statement Sweaters
  • Cowl Neck Tunic Sweaters


  • Infinity scarves
  • Fringe scarves
  • Silk scarves


  • Booties
  • Moto Boots
  • Knee length boots

By the way, if you are a LIMITED and a SCANDAL FAN check out the LIMITED’S New Scandal Collection:


A Limited Engagement!


Sunday, I hosted my first styling event at the Limited and I must say, it was a “HUGE” success largely due to my family, friends, followers and co-workers who all came to support me. It was so much fun!!!

When the Limited offered me the opportunity to host a styling event in there store, I could not turn it down. They say a journey starts with a single step. In knowing that to be true, I took that first step and I am truly proud of myself for that leap of faith.

The Limited team provided my attendees with refreshments, in store promotions, and a chance to enter into a drawing to win a $100 gift card. I was able to consult with each attendee in giving body shape tips and trends along with styling each person with The Limited latest stylish collection. What made the styling portion of this event fun, is letting all my attendees pick out 1 piece that they like in the store, when they pick out their favorite piece they would bring that 1 piece to me so that I can complete their entire look. Once I complete their look, I would have each of my ladies try on their outfits. Some of them enjoyed their looks and bought their entire piece while others wanted to pose for the camera for a picture, lol.

Overall, this was an exciting opportunity for me to challenge myself to see how would people rate my styling skills. It was a bit challenging but I learned so much about my attendees body shape, what they can and cannot wear, and what they do and do not like to wear.  I am so used to styling myself all the time. Its a whole other task styling someone else. But I was surprised and happy to hear positive feedback about my styling skills.

I gained friendships with the Limited store manager and several sales associates. I want to give every single one of them a HUGE THANK YOU for allowing me feature their store on my blog. There latest fall collection will be posted under my Digital PA tab soon so stay tuned.

Close to the end of the event, the Limited gave me a $200 gift card for having a minimum of 15-20 ladies show up. I jumped up with joy when they told me that surprise. For those of you that know me, DO know that I LOOOOOVE to shop!!! So what did Trendy Tab buy? Well let me let the captions and the pictures do all the explaining.

limited 2

Posing with The Limited Store Manager and Sales Associates

limited 1

limited 3

Piecing looks together before the start of the event


Attendee Chauncey signing up to be entered to win a $100 gift card.


Consulting with Ericka on her body shape


Giving advice on what to wear for her body shape

Ericka Benedicto

(Left picture is before look/Right picture is after look) Ericka picked out a purple sleeveless blouse as one of her pieces she brought back for me to style. I paired a solid pink cardigan with a light gray skirt.


My sister Lucretia is such a super model. One of the first pieces she laid eyes on was a strapless dress. Dresses are pretty simple to style so I accessorized it with gold necklace that blended well with her dress.

Lucretia 2

This is Lucretia’s before and after look

Janay Tatum

Hello red!!! Ms Janay picked out red cropped pants as one of her pieces she brought back for me to style. I added a blue and white strip blouse with a red necklace to complete her look.

photo 3

Attendee Juanenna is rockin’ her casual look with this orange blouse that blended tremendously well with her skin tone added with a cute statement necklace. This is her before and after look.

photo 2 copy

Desiree is rockin’ the boy meets girl collection. She picked out a navy blouse as one of her pieces. I added red pants, a blazer and a gold necklace to complete her dressy casual look. This is her before and after look.

photo 4

My bestie Tedra is not new to the fashion game, her taste of style is just as classy and sophisticated as mine. Tedra picked out a blue blazer as one of her pieces. I added blue slacks with a sequin blouse to complete her look.


Attendee Gina looks fabulous in The Limited’s business casual attire!

Gathering 1

Consulting, assisting, styling and having fun!!!


More of my attendees shopping for accessories

Check out Limited

You can tell these ladies are happy and satisfied with their purchases


I have the best supporters! (Left, Mom/Right, Aunt)


My supporters! Mom and sister


Attendee Brittany and I posing for the camera.

photo 1 copy

Ended my night shopping, using my $200 gift card on a pants suit and a purple button down blouse


More items from my $200 gift card (Hand bag and gold necklace)






Reinventing the Wheel: Palazzo Pants

As a popular trend back in the 60’s and 70’s, to being back at the top of the trends today, are the Palazzo Pants. These comfortable and lightweight pants are a perfect fit for everybody’s shape. You can easily go from day into night with a switch of tops. Which look is your favorite?


Palazzo Pants can be worn with a sleeveless button down blouse as a casual day or night attire.


Wear fitted tops or tuck your top in when wearing Palazzo Pants as it gives the illusion of a taller frame. Experiment with colorful solid tops and choose something that will not remain unnoticed.


Dress them up for work in simpler patterns, heels and minimal accessories to create a lasting impression.


Palazzo Pants can be worn as a perfect evening wear. An elegant peplum top and a nice pair of heels will work well for the occasion with this combination.


You can pair Palazzo Pants with a simple tank for a dressy look you can wear during the day or at night.

From Fashion Advice To Fashion Turnaround

In my last post, I mentioned the fashion struggles between inverted triangle and pear shape women. I shared some style tips on how to create flattering and balanced proportions for their body type. Selecting the right clothes for inverted triangle and pear shape women can be challenging and overwhelming. But, there was a quick turnaround for these two ladies. These ladies found flattering clothing to balance out their silhouettes.

photo 1

Brittney Jefferson added volume to the bottom portion of her body with this black A-line dress to create a curvy figure.

photo 2

Toya Robinson is enhancing her curvy figure by wearing a fitted shirt to highlight her slim waist paired with fitted straight leg ankle pants to showcase the size of her hips.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions on how to wear particular looks and trends for your body type.

Inverted Triangle vs. Pear Shape Fashion Struggles

Selecting the right clothes for your body type can be extremely overwhelming, especially for pear shape and inverted triangle women. As I anticipated before, I belong to the pear shape category and for a small bust, wide hip, big butt type of woman, shopping for pants and dresses are my biggest struggles. I’m pretty sure a number of you pear shaped women struggle with buying clothes to accommodate your hips and butt, while several of you inverted triangle shaped women may struggle with buying clothes to define your waist and accommodate your broad shoulders.

In regards to these struggles, these two ladies shared with me their BIGGEST challenge they face when shopping for their body type.


“My challenge with wearing sheath dresses is that I often have to go up a size to accommodate my shoulders and bust, but then the dress fits very loose around my hips and behind.“ -Brittany Jefferson (Inverted Triangle)

Toya Robinson

“It has always been a struggle for me to find the right pair of bottoms to wear. I have to purchase a larger size to accommodate my hips and buttocks with having a small waist.” -Toya Robinson (Pear shape)

Ladies, let me share some style tips on how to create flattering and balanced proportions for your body shape.


You are an upside down triangle. You are built with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a straight waist. Your aim is to draw attention to the bottom portion of your body and minimize your upper body.

Style tips on how to balance your silhouette and what to AVOID:

Shirts: Look for tops that won’t make your upper body appear big.

  • Scoop neckline-tops
  • Strapless tops
  • Wide strap tops
  • Low V-Neck
  • Wrap tops
  • Cowl tops (tops that falls in folds at the front)

Shirts to Avoid:

  • Boat neck tops (wide neckline that run horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone).
  • Embellished tops
  • Tops with shoulder pads
  • Spaghetti-strap tops
  • Wide collar shirts
  • Puffy sleeve tops
  • Flutter sleeve tops (butterfly tops)
  • Halter tops

Dresses and Skirts: Look for anything that will make your hips and thighs look full and round or anything with details that add volume such as prints and textures.

  • Strapless dresses
  • Wide strap dresses
  • A-Line dresses (Fitted at top, flare at bottom)
  • Wrap style dresses
  • Halter dresses with thick straps


  • A-line skirts
  • Peplum skirts
  • Pleated skirts
  • Tulip skirts
  • Bubble skirts
  • High waist puffy skirts
  • Pencil skirts

Dresses and Skirts to Avoid:

  • Tapered pencil skirts
  • Off the shoulder dresses
  • Puff sleeve dresses

Jeans and Pants: Look for pants that will balance out your shoulders. Go for any style that will accentuate your hips and bottom such as pockets, embellishments, patterns and bold prints.

  • Boot cut jeans/pants
  • Flare leg jeans/pants
  • Wide leg jeans/pants
  • Trouser pants
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Cargo pants

Jeans and Pants to Avoid:

  • Tapered jeans
  • Fitted pants


You are a pear. You are slim at the top portion of your body and your hips and butt are wider than your shoulders. Your aim is to enhance and add volume to your upper body.

Style tips on how to balance your silhouette and what to AVOID:

Tops: Look for tops with fun colors, prints, or details that will bring more attention to your upper body.

  • Shirts that are tight around the waist to highlight an hourglass figure.
  • Button down shirts
  • Collar shirts
  • Knit tops
  • Tees
  • Big sleeve blouses
  • U-neck tops
  • Peplum tops
  • Turtle necks
  • Embellishments around the bust and shoulders

Tops to Avoid:

  • Loose Baggy tops
  • Drop-waist tops (features a waist line below the natural waist at the mid hip)
  • Tops that end at your butt

Dresses and skirts: Look for embellishments, ruffles, patterns, or fun prints to add more volume to your upper body.

  • A-Line dresses (fit and flare style)
  • Lightly fitted sheath dresses (fit close to the body to elongate shape)
  • Empire cut tunic dresses ( has a fitted bodice ending below the bust, giving a high waist appearance)
  • Trapeze dresses (looks like a baby doll dress or a maternity dress)
  • Halter neck dresses
  • Off the shoulder dresses

Skirts: Look for skirts that are knee or ankle length

  • Trumpet skirts (shaped like a mermaid)
  • A-Line Skirts
  • High waist pencil skirts

Dresses and Skirts to Avoid:

  • Short and tight skirts
  • Skirts with pleats
  • Tunic dresses (a long loose fitting shirt)

Jeans and Pants: Look for pants that will showcase the size of your hips and butt

  • Skinny jeans
  • Flare pants
  • Bootcut jeans
  • Curvy fit jeans
  • Straight leg jeans/pants
  • Straight leg ankle pants
  • Traditional trouser pants
  • Cargo pants

Jeans and Pants to Avoid:

  • Jeans with bold pocket detail at the back of the jeans or back buttons
  • Cropped trouser pants
  • Capri pants
  • Culottes- (knee length shorts, cut full to resemble a skirt)

Please feel free to share your own tips, thoughts, struggles, or concerns. Comment below if you have any questions on how to wear particular looks and trends.

Source: Various Sites

J. Bolin Celebrity Fashion Stylist Bootcamp Experience

IMG_6176I know many of you are eager to know how my boot camp experience went with J. Bolin. Well, let me tell you, it was PHENOMENAL! I am beyond happy that I went with my gut feeling and took advantage of this amazing opportunity. We all know entering into this world of fashion styling is very competitive, it’s not as easy as it looks, it takes discipline, organization, positive energy, and most importantly a great sense of style.

Recently, I attended J. Bolin’s Fashion Stylist Boot camp in Dallas, Texas. Before walking into that boot camp, I was extremely nervous because I did not know what to expect. As soon as I walked through that door, I registered, walked in and was welcomed by J. Bolin with a hug. After that hug, I felt calm and relaxed. J. Bolin was so friendly, open-minded, and personable with everyone who attended this boot camp. I along with 25 other apprentices from all parts of the country including London, California, Los Angeles, Florida and so on came to be poured with knowledge from this talented man. This was an 8 hour class that wasn’t strictly about fashion but he also covered the business aspects of fashion as well.

Coming from Roxie, Mississippi, Jason knew he was not meant for mediocrity and he knew that there was something beyond his Advanced Technology degree from Alcorn State University. So what did Jason do? He went with what he loved which is styling other people. His talent offers him the ability to be happy while making others happy. Jason went from hosting and styling ratchet (in his mind) fashion shows to becoming a well-known celebrity stylist. Jason’s journey started with a single step, he took that first step, and business started vigorously.

Before attending boot camp all of us were responsible for bringing three to five of our favorite magazines, as well as six of our favorite clothing items. The first session of the boot camp was Project Switch-a-Roo. We had five minutes to complete the project with all 6 pieces we were responsible for bringing that day. We were paired with another individual and each team had to pull a strip of paper with a style printed on it and create a look from the style described. The strip my partner and I had was daytime red carpet outfit. We both created a look using the pieces I brought and presented the style in front of the class.

The second session of boot camp was about building our own personal style. Each of us had to build our own style board that accurately portrays who we are and how it is incorporated into our style. We had 10 minutes to look through our magazines and cut out as many styles that described who we were and tape them on to the poster board. After completing our style board, each of us presented what our style board represented to us. Since I like to put my own twist into a common look, my board represented colors, bold statement necklaces, and scarves.


The third session of the boot camp strictly involved the business aspects of being a fashion stylist which many of us needed to hear about. Some of the topics included creating a press kit for yourself, how to properly market yourself using that press kit, how to accurately write pull letters to brands, how to gain clients, pay rate for styling clients, developing an agreement contract for all your clients and building confidence and professionalism.



The last session of the boot camp was about presenting your client makeover. Each of us had to pull a strip of paper from the bowl with the name of a celebrity printed on it and recreate their look on the poser board and present that look in front of the class. The celebrity name I pulled from the bowl was Pharrell Williams. Pharrell’s has a preppy, suit, and tie sense of style. After researching Pharrell’s style, I notice he wears a lot of black, white, and gray suits so I suggested that he wear more suits with color, maybe a red suit, or a blue suit.


After the last session, we were able to pick J. Bolin and his staff’s brain about questions or concerns we had. We used our time to develop relationships and create potential partnerships with one another. I got a chance to network with so many talented individuals at this boot camp. J. Bolin and his staff did an excellent job organizing that day for us. Some of the things that I learned and took away from this boot camp are self-confidence, how to market myself accurately, how to study your client (make sure you learn what they do and don’t like, watch every move they make, observe there body, and listen to them). And most importantly knowing your fashion terminology!

If you want to keep up with what J. Bolin is doing next, follow his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page at @StylistJBolin




Exploring Lipstick Colors With Outfits

Lipstick is definitely the perfect makeup accessory for every outfit. Frequently, I visit the mac counter to test several different lipstick colors. Since my skin tone is medium yellow, I direct my focus to the bright oranges, bright or deep reds, deep pinks, purples, or deep browns. As I stated in my previous post, on trendy lipstick colors, I never been a big fan of wearing lipstick until early this year. So this time, I wanted to experiment lipstick colors with my outfits. When choosing a lipstick color, I try to aim for colors according to my outfit. For instance, if I am wearing a purple dress with tiny specs of pink dots or roses on it then my lipstick color choice would be pink or if I decide to wear a neon blouse and a colorful pink, orange, purple, blue, and green necklace with green pants then my lipstick color choice would be orange or pink based off the colors of my necklace.

So here are some of my suggestions when pairing lipsticks with outfits:
• Observe the colors in your outfit and whatever color you see that does not stand out like those small pink dots or roses on that purple dress, wear that pink lipstick.
• Layer your colors. Take one of my outfits for example; in the outfit below, I am wearing purple lipstick, a magenta color top and dark purple pants.
• Although, lipstick is an accessory, try pairing other accessories with your lipstick. How about a nude color lipstick with a blue blouse, and a nude color necklace or a scarf.

Depending on your skin tone, experimenting with lipsticks shades is a good way to find out what lipstick is best on you. After experimenting with lipstick shades, test out those colors when pairing with outfits. Here are a few of my outfits and lipstick color choices. Which look is your favorite?

Heroine 2Flat out fabulous 2Pink pigeon 2Lady Danger 2Diva 2

Reinventing the Wheel: Yellow Peplum Top

“Who said you can’t wear peplum tops with everything?” There is no right or wrong way to rock this trend. Although peplum tops with skirts are pretty obvious and easy to pair, why not be creative and more versatile, how about pairing a peplum top with a dress to wear to church or pairing a peplum top with shorts to wear to happy hour with friends or how about slacks to wear to work. Which look is your favorite?

yellow peplum top

Yellow peplum top with a dress


Yellow peplum top with dress pants


Yellow peplum top with skinny leg pants


Yellow peplum top with shorts


Yellow peplum top with a pencil skirt

My Cute and Casual Moments

Not only are floral prints and rompers in style this season, but the maxi dresses and skirts are a must have for the spring and the summer. I rarely wear long maxi dresses or skirts but I ran across this black and tan maxi skirt early this week from TJMAXX for $14.99. This was the last one on the rack so I grabbed it off the rack without hesitating. I wore this outfit to work a couple of days ago and I thought I pulled this look fairly well. I paired this skirt with a yellow short sleeve shirt and a brown cardigan along with my red, brown, and turquiouse pendant necklace.

More ways you can wear it:

Tops: crop tops (short or long sleeve), cami’s and solid shirts (as long as its semi-tight so that you can neatly tuck into the skirt), blouses (quarter length or sleeveless), button down blouses or blue jean button down blouses (quarter length or sleeveless).

Color choices: Any solid color will work.

Things to add: scarves, waist belt, cardigans, blazers, light jackets or vest (regular lengthed or cropped)


yellow shirt: Marshalls (2 years old), brown cardigan: Charlotte Russe (4 years old), black and tan maxi skirt: TJMAXX (new 14.99), necklace: a gift from a friend


If you ask me, “What is that one thing that you love and cant live without in your closet?” I would say cardigans. Why? Because you can wear and accessorize them several different ways by adding a belt or maybe add a scarf to tie into a belt or a bow. However, I wore this outfit to a friend’s graduation a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with my look. Im not really big on floral and animal prints but when I came across this black and white animal print cardigan from Forever 21, I thought “hmmm,” now this is a must have for me. What are your thoughts?



Creative Scarf Ideas

When it come to scarves, I like to add my own twist in how I wear them. Scarves are a great way to showcase your personality and when I shop for scarves, I tend look for colors, prints, and fabrics that screams who I am. I have a collection of 30 different scarves in my closet. Whenever I have my down time moments at home, I spend that time in the mirror playing around with each of my scarves trying to come up with several creative ways to wear them and outfits to wear them with. Out of my scarf collection, I decided to use three different types of scarves, a leopard infinity scarf, a red and white silk square scarf, and a gray silk rectangular wrap scarf. So let me share with you several unique ways how you can be creative with your scarves. Which look is your favorite?

Gray scarf

This is the gray silk rectangular wrap scarf tied into a flower bow, created into a cardigan, a belt, and a shawl look.

red scarf

This is the red and white silk square scarf created into a bow tie look, a classic look added with an accessory pin and a simple casual look.

leopard scarf

This is the leopard print infinity scarf created into a shawl look, a simple casual knot, and around the neck look added with a necklace.


Trendy Lipstick Colors

I never been a big fan of wearing lipstick until early this year when a few of my girlfriends and I visited the MAC makeup counter in the mall to experiment with lipstick colors. That’s when I became addicted to MAC lipstick. They have such an amazing array of colors. Not only does it enhance your beauty features, but it also completes your outfit as an accessory.  I visited the MAC counter Saturday and I found out that pink, orange, coral, and purple are the trendy colors for the spring and summer this year. So here are a few colors they shared with me that are the most popular trends for the spring and summer.


Left to right: sweet and sour, razzledazzler, pink pearl pop, pink nouveau, pink pigeon, heroine, impassioned, and tangerine dream

My top 5 MAC lipstick colors that I will be wearing this spring and summer are heroine, impassioned, pink pigeon, lady danger, and flat out fabulous. What colors will you be rock’n for the spring and summer?


Left to right: heroine, flat out fabulous, lady danger, pink pigeon, impassioned


MAC Heroine: a matte finish bright purple color


MAC Impassioned: an amplified crème finish bright pink color


MAC Pink Pigeon: a matte finish described as “bright cleanest pink”


MAC Flat out Fabulous: a retro matte finish bright plum color


MAC Lady Danger: a matte finish vivid coral-red color.

Exploring With Clothing Color Palettes

Choosing the right color schemes for weddings, home decorations, makeup, websites, clothing, or other artistic expressions can be one of the most important yet challenging decisions to face. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools available to help with color selection. In fact, a friend of mine who is a web designer referred me to Design Seeds, which is a very helpful website that you can go to for inspiration and guidance on choosing color palettes. Here are 3 outfits that I pieced together that are similar to the color palettes I chose.

blueblue yellow3chocolateIMG_4994brownIMG_4964



Reinventing the Wheel: Blue Leopard Print Top

I spend a lot of time shopping in my closet. Sometimes I create 10 to 20 days worth of outfits from clothes I have in my closet. I’ve had this blue leopard print top for about 4 or 5 years and I have worn this top several different ways. I’ve worn it as a business casual outfit, casual outfit, and night outfit. I encourage women to dress in threes. Add a third element to your outfit such as a scarf, sweater, vest, belt, or maybe even a chunky necklace to achieve a cohesive, “put together” look. I reinvented this blue leopard print top 5 different ways, check it out.


Happy Easter

Easter is not about fashion but it use to be so much fun back in my early childhood days when my mom use to style me in the cutest colorful dresses on Easter, which bring back so many memories. Today, Im wearing an ivory lace dress I bought yesterday from Marshall’s for only $34.99 paired with my brown open shawl cardigan (4 years old from Charlotte Russe’) ivory wedge heels (2 years old from Express) added with coral accessories. So this is my Easter outfit.  Nothing too fancy but cute.  Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all enjoy this holiday with the one’s that you love. Peace, Love, and Happiness!IMG_4195IMG_4198


Weekend Outfit

Let me just share with you what I wore over the weekend. My plan was to shop for a cute casual dress or a skirt to wear to a concert Friday night. By the way, I went to see Marsha Ambrosius and her performance was “Phenomenal!” Her music is written so vividly that you can imagine yourself being there. For those of you who don’t know, she is an English R&B singer and songwriter and also a former member of Floetry.

But I took a mini trip into Forever 21 and I picked up a dress and two skirts to try on but unfortunately the two skirts and the dress did not fit comfortably at the bottom portion of my body. My fellow pear shaped sisters, you “KNOW” my struggle, so I frowned and I walked out unsuccessful. On my way out I found this coral, pink and white open shawl cardigan in the back of the fitting room on the new arrivals rack hidden in between several other clothes. This rack was full of brand new pieces that were not seen on the floor yet. I grabbed it from the rack, looked at it, and said to myself, “Now this is cute!” looked at the price which was $15 (works for me!) so I bought it. I envisioned a couple of pieces that I could pair it with at home and my vision worked out perfect!  I paired this cardigan with my white shorts (1 year old), solid cream top (4 years old), coral belt (new $2.50), and my pink and coral necklace (3 months old). Once I put it all together, I thought I looked artistic which was perfect for the concert and charming in my soft pink and coral colors. I saved myself from buying a whole new outfit and thought of pieces that I could pair this cardigan with at home.

So instead of buying a whole new outfit, find a couple of cute tops or bottoms in your closet that you wore a couple of times or have never worn before that you can’t seem find anything to pair them with at home and go shop for a top or a bottom to pair with those pieces you have at home already. I promise it will save you so much money in the long run. Your new piece paired with an old piece will give you a brand new look

.IMG_4044IMG_4054marsha and tab

Reinventing the Wheel: Teal Skirt

Think of different ways to be creative with the clothes that you own in your closet. Sometimes I catch myself wearing a skirt and a top one week and then the next week Ill wear that same top and pair it with  pants or a different skirt. In this case, find a picture from Facebook, Instagram, or your phone of an outfit you wore on a night out, to work, or a casual day time outfit that you thought was really cute and think of 5 ways that you can reinvent that look. Switch it up with a different hair style or makeup.  This coral cardigan and teal skirt paired with my colorful infinity scarf is one of my favorite  outfits I picked out from closet capades, so I reinvented this look 5 different ways. IMG_2445_edited.jpg IMG_3867IMG_3850IMG_3840IMG_3865IMG_3844

Finding Your Color

cwIf you could describe yourself as a color, what would it be? Try to pick a color that will compliment your skin tone. Yellow is my color because its bright, its happy,  and its unique to me. In this case, out of your closet, what color would you pick that best defines you? Find that color top or bottom and mix and match it with other colors in your closet.

Sometimes when I wear outfits, I piece them with color. Whether its piecing  a primary yellow top, with a secondary purple bottom or a tertiary blue-green bottom with a red top. This color wheel shows the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • Primary Colors are your three main colors that can not be mixed by any combination of other colors. (red, yellow, blue)

  • Secondary are the colors formed by mixing the primary colors. (green, orange and purple)

  • Tertiary are the colors formed by mixing primary and secondary colors. (yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-green, yellow-green)

  • Complementary are colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. (red and green, orange and blue)

 For some people who struggle with piecing outfits with color, this color wheel will give you some guidance on how you can mix and match primary colors with secondary and tertiary colors. Since I picked yellow as my color, here are a couple of outfits from my closet that are mixed with primary, secondary and tertiary colors.