Reinventing the Wheel: Blue Leopard Print Top

I spend a lot of time shopping in my closet. Sometimes I create 10 to 20 days worth of outfits from clothes I have in my closet. I’ve had this blue leopard print top for about 4 or 5 years and I have worn this top several different ways. I’ve worn it as a business casual outfit, casual outfit, and night outfit. I encourage women to dress in threes. Add a third element to your outfit such as a scarf, sweater, vest, belt, or maybe even a chunky necklace to achieve a cohesive, “put together” look. I reinvented this blue leopard print top 5 different ways, check it out.


Happy Easter

Easter is not about fashion but it use to be so much fun back in my early childhood days when my mom use to style me in the cutest colorful dresses on Easter, which bring back so many memories. Today, Im wearing an ivory lace dress I bought yesterday from Marshall’s for only $34.99 paired with my brown open shawl cardigan (4 years old from Charlotte Russe’) ivory wedge heels (2 years old from Express) added with coral accessories. So this is my Easter outfit.  Nothing too fancy but cute.  Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all enjoy this holiday with the one’s that you love. Peace, Love, and Happiness!IMG_4195IMG_4198


Weekend Outfit

Let me just share with you what I wore over the weekend. My plan was to shop for a cute casual dress or a skirt to wear to a concert Friday night. By the way, I went to see Marsha Ambrosius and her performance was “Phenomenal!” Her music is written so vividly that you can imagine yourself being there. For those of you who don’t know, she is an English R&B singer and songwriter and also a former member of Floetry.

But I took a mini trip into Forever 21 and I picked up a dress and two skirts to try on but unfortunately the two skirts and the dress did not fit comfortably at the bottom portion of my body. My fellow pear shaped sisters, you “KNOW” my struggle, so I frowned and I walked out unsuccessful. On my way out I found this coral, pink and white open shawl cardigan in the back of the fitting room on the new arrivals rack hidden in between several other clothes. This rack was full of brand new pieces that were not seen on the floor yet. I grabbed it from the rack, looked at it, and said to myself, “Now this is cute!” looked at the price which was $15 (works for me!) so I bought it. I envisioned a couple of pieces that I could pair it with at home and my vision worked out perfect!  I paired this cardigan with my white shorts (1 year old), solid cream top (4 years old), coral belt (new $2.50), and my pink and coral necklace (3 months old). Once I put it all together, I thought I looked artistic which was perfect for the concert and charming in my soft pink and coral colors. I saved myself from buying a whole new outfit and thought of pieces that I could pair this cardigan with at home.

So instead of buying a whole new outfit, find a couple of cute tops or bottoms in your closet that you wore a couple of times or have never worn before that you can’t seem find anything to pair them with at home and go shop for a top or a bottom to pair with those pieces you have at home already. I promise it will save you so much money in the long run. Your new piece paired with an old piece will give you a brand new look

.IMG_4044IMG_4054marsha and tab

Reinventing the Wheel: Teal Skirt

Think of different ways to be creative with the clothes that you own in your closet. Sometimes I catch myself wearing a skirt and a top one week and then the next week Ill wear that same top and pair it with  pants or a different skirt. In this case, find a picture from Facebook, Instagram, or your phone of an outfit you wore on a night out, to work, or a casual day time outfit that you thought was really cute and think of 5 ways that you can reinvent that look. Switch it up with a different hair style or makeup.  This coral cardigan and teal skirt paired with my colorful infinity scarf is one of my favorite  outfits I picked out from closet capades, so I reinvented this look 5 different ways. IMG_2445_edited.jpg IMG_3867IMG_3850IMG_3840IMG_3865IMG_3844