Reinventing the Wheel: Teal Skirt

Think of different ways to be creative with the clothes that you own in your closet. Sometimes I catch myself wearing a skirt and a top one week and then the next week Ill wear that same top and pair it with  pants or a different skirt. In this case, find a picture from Facebook, Instagram, or your phone of an outfit you wore on a night out, to work, or a casual day time outfit that you thought was really cute and think of 5 ways that you can reinvent that look. Switch it up with a different hair style or makeup.  This coral cardigan and teal skirt paired with my colorful infinity scarf is one of my favorite  outfits I picked out from closet capades, so I reinvented this look 5 different ways. IMG_2445_edited.jpg IMG_3867IMG_3850IMG_3840IMG_3865IMG_3844

3 thoughts on “Reinventing the Wheel: Teal Skirt

  1. I’ve looked at these pictures so many times and I just realized that this was the same skirt! You did such a great job reinventing each look! I have a sleeveless top that I only wear with one skirt. I need some help pairing that with some other pieces.

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