My Cute and Casual Moments

Not only are floral prints and rompers in style this season, but the maxi dresses and skirts are a must have for the spring and the summer. I rarely wear long maxi dresses or skirts but I ran across this black and tan maxi skirt early this week from TJMAXX for $14.99. This was the last one on the rack so I grabbed it off the rack without hesitating. I wore this outfit to work a couple of days ago and I thought I pulled this look fairly well. I paired this skirt with a yellow short sleeve shirt and a brown cardigan along with my red, brown, and turquiouse pendant necklace.

More ways you can wear it:

Tops: crop tops (short or long sleeve), cami’s and solid shirts (as long as its semi-tight so that you can neatly tuck into the skirt), blouses (quarter length or sleeveless), button down blouses or blue jean button down blouses (quarter length or sleeveless).

Color choices: Any solid color will work.

Things to add: scarves, waist belt, cardigans, blazers, light jackets or vest (regular lengthed or cropped)


yellow shirt: Marshalls (2 years old), brown cardigan: Charlotte Russe (4 years old), black and tan maxi skirt: TJMAXX (new 14.99), necklace: a gift from a friend


If you ask me, “What is that one thing that you love and cant live without in your closet?” I would say cardigans. Why? Because you can wear and accessorize them several different ways by adding a belt or maybe add a scarf to tie into a belt or a bow. However, I wore this outfit to a friend’s graduation a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with my look. Im not really big on floral and animal prints but when I came across this black and white animal print cardigan from Forever 21, I thought “hmmm,” now this is a must have for me. What are your thoughts?



Creative Scarf Ideas

When it come to scarves, I like to add my own twist in how I wear them. Scarves are a great way to showcase your personality and when I shop for scarves, I tend look for colors, prints, and fabrics that screams who I am. I have a collection of 30 different scarves in my closet. Whenever I have my down time moments at home, I spend that time in the mirror playing around with each of my scarves trying to come up with several creative ways to wear them and outfits to wear them with. Out of my scarf collection, I decided to use three different types of scarves, a leopard infinity scarf, a red and white silk square scarf, and a gray silk rectangular wrap scarf. So let me share with you several unique ways how you can be creative with your scarves. Which look is your favorite?

Gray scarf

This is the gray silk rectangular wrap scarf tied into a flower bow, created into a cardigan, a belt, and a shawl look.

red scarf

This is the red and white silk square scarf created into a bow tie look, a classic look added with an accessory pin and a simple casual look.

leopard scarf

This is the leopard print infinity scarf created into a shawl look, a simple casual knot, and around the neck look added with a necklace.


Trendy Lipstick Colors

I never been a big fan of wearing lipstick until early this year when a few of my girlfriends and I visited the MAC makeup counter in the mall to experiment with lipstick colors. That’s when I became addicted to MAC lipstick. They have such an amazing array of colors. Not only does it enhance your beauty features, but it also completes your outfit as an accessory.  I visited the MAC counter Saturday and I found out that pink, orange, coral, and purple are the trendy colors for the spring and summer this year. So here are a few colors they shared with me that are the most popular trends for the spring and summer.


Left to right: sweet and sour, razzledazzler, pink pearl pop, pink nouveau, pink pigeon, heroine, impassioned, and tangerine dream

My top 5 MAC lipstick colors that I will be wearing this spring and summer are heroine, impassioned, pink pigeon, lady danger, and flat out fabulous. What colors will you be rock’n for the spring and summer?


Left to right: heroine, flat out fabulous, lady danger, pink pigeon, impassioned


MAC Heroine: a matte finish bright purple color


MAC Impassioned: an amplified crème finish bright pink color


MAC Pink Pigeon: a matte finish described as “bright cleanest pink”


MAC Flat out Fabulous: a retro matte finish bright plum color


MAC Lady Danger: a matte finish vivid coral-red color.

Exploring With Clothing Color Palettes

Choosing the right color schemes for weddings, home decorations, makeup, websites, clothing, or other artistic expressions can be one of the most important yet challenging decisions to face. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools available to help with color selection. In fact, a friend of mine who is a web designer referred me to Design Seeds, which is a very helpful website that you can go to for inspiration and guidance on choosing color palettes. Here are 3 outfits that I pieced together that are similar to the color palettes I chose.

blueblue yellow3chocolateIMG_4994brownIMG_4964