Trendy Lipstick Colors

I never been a big fan of wearing lipstick until early this year when a few of my girlfriends and I visited the MAC makeup counter in the mall to experiment with lipstick colors. That’s when I became addicted to MAC lipstick. They have such an amazing array of colors. Not only does it enhance your beauty features, but it also completes your outfit as an accessory.  I visited the MAC counter Saturday and I found out that pink, orange, coral, and purple are the trendy colors for the spring and summer this year. So here are a few colors they shared with me that are the most popular trends for the spring and summer.


Left to right: sweet and sour, razzledazzler, pink pearl pop, pink nouveau, pink pigeon, heroine, impassioned, and tangerine dream

My top 5 MAC lipstick colors that I will be wearing this spring and summer are heroine, impassioned, pink pigeon, lady danger, and flat out fabulous. What colors will you be rock’n for the spring and summer?


Left to right: heroine, flat out fabulous, lady danger, pink pigeon, impassioned


MAC Heroine: a matte finish bright purple color


MAC Impassioned: an amplified crème finish bright pink color


MAC Pink Pigeon: a matte finish described as “bright cleanest pink”


MAC Flat out Fabulous: a retro matte finish bright plum color


MAC Lady Danger: a matte finish vivid coral-red color.

7 thoughts on “Trendy Lipstick Colors

  1. Tab I must say these are definitely the summer colors. Great pick of colors. I’m glad you chose those. So proud of your blog. I look forward to much more in the future. Glad you love MAC lipstick. 😘

  2. Flat out Fab is a keeper. I’m a little darker than you though. I’m a light brown kinda like Amerie. Do you think I can pull off that shade?

    • Chauncey, with your skin tone being light brown, I honestly think you can pull off Flat out Fab just because it is a bright plum color and I think the vibrancy will work out perfect for your skin tone.

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