Creative Scarf Ideas

When it come to scarves, I like to add my own twist in how I wear them. Scarves are a great way to showcase your personality and when I shop for scarves, I tend look for colors, prints, and fabrics that screams who I am. I have a collection of 30 different scarves in my closet. Whenever I have my down time moments at home, I spend that time in the mirror playing around with each of my scarves trying to come up with several creative ways to wear them and outfits to wear them with. Out of my scarf collection, I decided to use three different types of scarves, a leopard infinity scarf, a red and white silk square scarf, and a gray silk rectangular wrap scarf. So let me share with you several unique ways how you can be creative with your scarves. Which look is your favorite?

Gray scarf

This is the gray silk rectangular wrap scarf tied into a flower bow, created into a cardigan, a belt, and a shawl look.

red scarf

This is the red and white silk square scarf created into a bow tie look, a classic look added with an accessory pin and a simple casual look.

leopard scarf

This is the leopard print infinity scarf created into a shawl look, a simple casual knot, and around the neck look added with a necklace.


3 thoughts on “Creative Scarf Ideas

  1. How long is the black and grey scarf in feet? I want to do this look and need to make sure that my scarf is long enough.

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