My Cute and Casual Moments

Not only are floral prints and rompers in style this season, but the maxi dresses and skirts are a must have for the spring and the summer. I rarely wear long maxi dresses or skirts but I ran across this black and tan maxi skirt early this week from TJMAXX for $14.99. This was the last one on the rack so I grabbed it off the rack without hesitating. I wore this outfit to work a couple of days ago and I thought I pulled this look fairly well. I paired this skirt with a yellow short sleeve shirt and a brown cardigan along with my red, brown, and turquiouse pendant necklace.

More ways you can wear it:

Tops: crop tops (short or long sleeve), cami’s and solid shirts (as long as its semi-tight so that you can neatly tuck into the skirt), blouses (quarter length or sleeveless), button down blouses or blue jean button down blouses (quarter length or sleeveless).

Color choices: Any solid color will work.

Things to add: scarves, waist belt, cardigans, blazers, light jackets or vest (regular lengthed or cropped)


yellow shirt: Marshalls (2 years old), brown cardigan: Charlotte Russe (4 years old), black and tan maxi skirt: TJMAXX (new 14.99), necklace: a gift from a friend


If you ask me, “What is that one thing that you love and cant live without in your closet?” I would say cardigans. Why? Because you can wear and accessorize them several different ways by adding a belt or maybe add a scarf to tie into a belt or a bow. However, I wore this outfit to a friend’s graduation a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with my look. Im not really big on floral and animal prints but when I came across this black and white animal print cardigan from Forever 21, I thought “hmmm,” now this is a must have for me. What are your thoughts?



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