Exploring Lipstick Colors With Outfits

Lipstick is definitely the perfect makeup accessory for every outfit. Frequently, I visit the mac counter to test several different lipstick colors. Since my skin tone is medium yellow, I direct my focus to the bright oranges, bright or deep reds, deep pinks, purples, or deep browns. As I stated in my previous post, on trendy lipstick colors, I never been a big fan of wearing lipstick until early this year. So this time, I wanted to experiment lipstick colors with my outfits. When choosing a lipstick color, I try to aim for colors according to my outfit. For instance, if I am wearing a purple dress with tiny specs of pink dots or roses on it then my lipstick color choice would be pink or if I decide to wear a neon blouse and a colorful pink, orange, purple, blue, and green necklace with green pants then my lipstick color choice would be orange or pink based off the colors of my necklace.

So here are some of my suggestions when pairing lipsticks with outfits:
• Observe the colors in your outfit and whatever color you see that does not stand out like those small pink dots or roses on that purple dress, wear that pink lipstick.
• Layer your colors. Take one of my outfits for example; in the outfit below, I am wearing purple lipstick, a magenta color top and dark purple pants.
• Although, lipstick is an accessory, try pairing other accessories with your lipstick. How about a nude color lipstick with a blue blouse, and a nude color necklace or a scarf.

Depending on your skin tone, experimenting with lipsticks shades is a good way to find out what lipstick is best on you. After experimenting with lipstick shades, test out those colors when pairing with outfits. Here are a few of my outfits and lipstick color choices. Which look is your favorite?

Heroine 2Flat out fabulous 2Pink pigeon 2Lady Danger 2Diva 2