A Limited Engagement!


Sunday, I hosted my first styling event at the Limited and I must say, it was a “HUGE” success largely due to my family, friends, followers and co-workers who all came to support me. It was so much fun!!!

When the Limited offered me the opportunity to host a styling event in there store, I could not turn it down. They say a journey starts with a single step. In knowing that to be true, I took that first step and I am truly proud of myself for that leap of faith.

The Limited team provided my attendees with refreshments, in store promotions, and a chance to enter into a drawing to win a $100 gift card. I was able to consult with each attendee in giving body shape tips and trends along with styling each person with The Limited latest stylish collection. What made the styling portion of this event fun, is letting all my attendees pick out 1 piece that they like in the store, when they pick out their favorite piece they would bring that 1 piece to me so that I can complete their entire look. Once I complete their look, I would have each of my ladies try on their outfits. Some of them enjoyed their looks and bought their entire piece while others wanted to pose for the camera for a picture, lol.

Overall, this was an exciting opportunity for me to challenge myself to see how would people rate my styling skills. It was a bit challenging but I learned so much about my attendees body shape, what they can and cannot wear, and what they do and do not like to wear.  I am so used to styling myself all the time. Its a whole other task styling someone else. But I was surprised and happy to hear positive feedback about my styling skills.

I gained friendships with the Limited store manager and several sales associates. I want to give every single one of them a HUGE THANK YOU for allowing me feature their store on my blog. There latest fall collection will be posted under my Digital PA tab soon so stay tuned.

Close to the end of the event, the Limited gave me a $200 gift card for having a minimum of 15-20 ladies show up. I jumped up with joy when they told me that surprise. For those of you that know me, DO know that I LOOOOOVE to shop!!! So what did Trendy Tab buy? Well let me let the captions and the pictures do all the explaining.

limited 2

Posing with The Limited Store Manager and Sales Associates

limited 1

limited 3

Piecing looks together before the start of the event


Attendee Chauncey signing up to be entered to win a $100 gift card.


Consulting with Ericka on her body shape


Giving advice on what to wear for her body shape

Ericka Benedicto

(Left picture is before look/Right picture is after look) Ericka picked out a purple sleeveless blouse as one of her pieces she brought back for me to style. I paired a solid pink cardigan with a light gray skirt.


My sister Lucretia is such a super model. One of the first pieces she laid eyes on was a strapless dress. Dresses are pretty simple to style so I accessorized it with gold necklace that blended well with her dress.

Lucretia 2

This is Lucretia’s before and after look

Janay Tatum

Hello red!!! Ms Janay picked out red cropped pants as one of her pieces she brought back for me to style. I added a blue and white strip blouse with a red necklace to complete her look.

photo 3

Attendee Juanenna is rockin’ her casual look with this orange blouse that blended tremendously well with her skin tone added with a cute statement necklace. This is her before and after look.

photo 2 copy

Desiree is rockin’ the boy meets girl collection. She picked out a navy blouse as one of her pieces. I added red pants, a blazer and a gold necklace to complete her dressy casual look. This is her before and after look.

photo 4

My bestie Tedra is not new to the fashion game, her taste of style is just as classy and sophisticated as mine. Tedra picked out a blue blazer as one of her pieces. I added blue slacks with a sequin blouse to complete her look.


Attendee Gina looks fabulous in The Limited’s business casual attire!

Gathering 1

Consulting, assisting, styling and having fun!!!


More of my attendees shopping for accessories

Check out Limited

You can tell these ladies are happy and satisfied with their purchases


I have the best supporters! (Left, Mom/Right, Aunt)


My supporters! Mom and sister


Attendee Brittany and I posing for the camera.

photo 1 copy

Ended my night shopping, using my $200 gift card on a pants suit and a purple button down blouse


More items from my $200 gift card (Hand bag and gold necklace)






Reinventing the Wheel: Palazzo Pants

As a popular trend back in the 60’s and 70’s, to being back at the top of the trends today, are the Palazzo Pants. These comfortable and lightweight pants are a perfect fit for everybody’s shape. You can easily go from day into night with a switch of tops. Which look is your favorite?


Palazzo Pants can be worn with a sleeveless button down blouse as a casual day or night attire.


Wear fitted tops or tuck your top in when wearing Palazzo Pants as it gives the illusion of a taller frame. Experiment with colorful solid tops and choose something that will not remain unnoticed.


Dress them up for work in simpler patterns, heels and minimal accessories to create a lasting impression.


Palazzo Pants can be worn as a perfect evening wear. An elegant peplum top and a nice pair of heels will work well for the occasion with this combination.


You can pair Palazzo Pants with a simple tank for a dressy look you can wear during the day or at night.