Wrong vs. Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

tab with clothes

Colors, Colors, COLORS! How can you possibly be RIGHT with wearing the WRONG colors for your skin tone? The colors you choose to wear can have a positive or negative effect on your appearance?  Whether your color selection has a positive or negative effect on your appearance depends on whether your complexion has a warm or cold tone. Flatter your skin tone by wearing working complementary colors into your wardrobe.


Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has pale skin and cool undertone. This bright yellow dress did not give her a radiant look, instead, it made her appearance look washed-out.


Lupita Nyongo has dark brown skin and cool undertone. This bronze dress did not flatter her appearance, instead, it gave her a dull look.


Kim Kardashian has slightly yellow skin and warm undertone. This nude dress is perfect for her curvy figure but the color matches too closely with her skin hue.


Lena dunham

The greens, the blues, and the pinks add a great affect to pale skin. This look gives a positive, radiant, awake, and attractive look to your skin tone.


Lupita nyongo

The pinks, the purples, and the blues are very “eye catching” to dark or pale skin with cool under tones. These colors will bring out your undertone and show off your skin to the best effect.

Kim-Kardashian-red dress

If you are warm toned, the reds, the oranges, and the yellows brightens your appearance because it complements the golden, yellow, and the olive tones.

What are your thought?

  For more information on how to find colors that will look best on your skin tone click on https://tabstrendytwist.com/self-assessment/

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