Digital PA

Here is the fun part of the blog which is Digital PA (Personal Assistant). Here, I will go into different retail stores and local boutique to pair, price and photograph pieces. Then I will show you how much the entire look cost. Instead of buying a full wardrobe (which many of us can’t afford to do in this economy), try to pair one or two pieces with something that you have in your closet already. Check out a few stores previously featured on Tabs Trendy Twist.
More stores coming soon so stay tuned!!!
Stores Previously Featured:
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pink dress 3blue dress 3black dress 3pink top 3

 e87432_fee55ee70b774903831c9c9cf2a7ab2ae87432_0cf7cf2fff974ddbb24f8b6857022451 peach dress
 the limited 2
 Casual Velvet Casual Red Velvet Dress Mint Green





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