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Exploring Color Palettes with Skin Tone

I remember taking an art class back in middle school and I use to experiment with color mixes all the time. Every color that you can think of was included in my portrait. Thats why I have a fascination for color when picking out clothes and jewelry. Have you ever had that one person tell you that peach color dress does not blend well with your slightly pink skin, or that neon top is too bright on your dark skin? I’m pretty sure all of us have, whether it’s wearing the wrong facial make-up, lipstick, hair color, nail polish, or clothing. Just ask yourself this question? What colors WILL compliment my skin tone? Well, let’s help each other out here.

Your skin color ranges from light, medium, to dark coloring which can change sometimes depending on your exposure to the sun or perhaps a tanning bed. Your undertone never changes because it is the color that lies beneath your skin. Take a look at your wrist. Are your veins blue or green? If your veins are blue, you have a cool undertone and if your veins are green, you have a warm undertone.Ill use myself as an example. My skin color is slightly yellow with golden undertone, my eyes are hazel, my hair color is brown and my veins are green so I have a warm undertone.

Based on genetics with a few exceptions,

Warm undertone individuals tend to have:

Skin Color: Pale with peach undertone, yellow or brown with gold undertone

Hair Color: Golden blonde, red, or brown

Eye Color: Hazel, green, brown, amber, or dark brown

Cool undertone individuals tend to have:

Skin Color: Pale, pale with pink undertone, or dark brown

Hair Color: Blonde, dark brown, or black

Eye Color: Blue, grey-blue, gray-green, blue-green, black, or dark brown

Take a look at a few of my celebrity picks. This can kind of guide you on how to determine which skin tone best describes you.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: Pale Natural Hair Color: Blonde Undertone: Cool

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: Slightly Pink Natural Hair Color: Blonde Undertone: Cool


Kim Kardashian Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Slightly Yellow Natural Hair Color: Black Undertone: Warm 


Beyonce’ Knowles Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Golden Brown Natural Hair Color: Brown Undertone: Warm

Gabrielle U

Gabrielle Union Eye Color: Dark Brown Skin Color: Brown Natural Hair Color: Black Undertone: Warm


Lupito Nyongo Eye Color: Black Skin Color: Dark Brown Natural Hair Color: Black Undertone: Cool

After finding out your skin tone and undertone, take a look at this color wheel to discover which colors are perfect for your skin tone.


Cool skin Tone Colors

Cool Skin Tone Colors

Warm Skin Tone Colors

Warm Skin Tone Colors

Using this color wheel will help you with your choice of clothing colors. Through colors, you communicate more about yourself and some people process color interpretation faster than others aspects of your look. But it all comes down to using your own personal judgement and how you view colors on your skin tone. Wearing the right colors for your skin tone will flatter you from every angle and give you a healthy glow. In this next section, we will explore choosing the right jewelry for your body shape.

Selecting The Right Jewelry For Your Body Type

This section is my personal favorite because I am a jewelry fanatic. I am a pear shape, small bust, long hair kind of woman so I chose to wear big necklaces to cover up chest space. Women have a much broader spectrum of body shapes, so I will only focus on 5 body types which are apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle.

Women who are apple shapes like Octavia Spencer are average or large in the bust and carry weight in their mid-section. To accentuate your look, whether you have short or long hair, draw more attention to your face by wearing long or wide earrings to elongate your face and wear necklaces that are close to your neckline.




Alicia Keys has a pear shape figure. She’s slim at the top and curvy at the bottom portion of her body. Whether you have short or long hair, you can pretty much pull off any look. This gold statement necklace on Alicia Keys draws attention to her face and highlights her upper body. So to my pear shaped women, short chunky, beaded, layered or interesting shaped necklaces works well for your body type.

Alicia Keys



Rectangle body shapes like Sarah Jessica Parker have no defined waist or curves with small arms and legs. If I were you, I would go for big or long looks for your body frame. Whether you have short or long hair, you can pretty much pull off any look by wearing long medallion necklaces, short or chunky necklaces paired with short, big, or long earrings statement earrings.

Sarah Parker









Kenya Moore, who is curvy in all the right places has an hourglass shape. Women in this range are narrow in the waist and equal in the bust and hip-line portion of the body. You are pretty much free to play around with earrings and necklaces but make sure your necklace hang above your bust line and are not too chunky, this goes for short or long hair women. Kenya’s long hair with her mid length earrings flatters her face.

Women like Angelina Jolie who have inverted triangle body shapes are broad at the shoulders with large or average bust and slim at the waist and hips. My jewelry suggestions would be long pendant necklaces that stops at the middle of the ribcage to draw more attention to the upper half of your body and make your frame proportioned as well as short and medium length necklaces that sits above your bust line paired with short or medium lengthed earrings.



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